Monday, July 25, 2011

And we're back!

Welcome back folks. Hope everyone had a nice time off. Perhaps some actually relaxed and did some fun, recreational things.

Re some of the comment posts. I (Rus) was not the only one who thought an extended break is good. Routine makes us soft. Plain and simple. Even if you're training the entire time. We try to combat this with constantly varying workouts but the stress on the body becomes a routine in itself. So we want to minimize routine to optimize the training. We call it periodization. If you want to know more, look up a concept called "law of accommodation". Vladimir Zatsiorski wrote a bit on the topic.

Moving on.. Here we are again, merging yet another group from the on ramp to ...... whatever..... It is a very exciting time for everyone and it's always fun to watch new camaraderie form. You all do a great job of working together so it works out great for everyone. As we keep going, we want to remind everyone where our knowledge and practice come from. BHIP is a Strength & Conditioning program very similar to that of many other athletes. We consider every one of you an athlete and approach the training as such. With that in mind, we can only gauge the effectiveness of the programming by your performance. You do with the strength and conditioning gains whatever you desire, but in training, we need constant strives for performance gains. So if this week you dead lifted 100lbs and ran a 10 minute mile and in 3 weeks you lift 135lbs and run a 9:27 mile, we can safely assume that the training worked and your performance went in the direction we planned. If your performance does not improve but rather diminishes, then we can assume that the training did not facilitate performance gains. So keep pushing yourselves and you will see some interesting things happening. But first and foremost, HAVE FUN with it. No one will do things that they don't enjoy for very long.. it's been shown that discipline is elusive, regardless of how much self-control you think you have. We all cave eventually when doing things we don't enjoy.

People can exercise only so much self-control

Also, we are working on making some next-level stuff up for you guys as far as the training goes. We are encouraging people to get into small long-term groups (~5) that you will be directly and indirectly working with and contributing to. This is optional and is more of a challenge based thing, but it should be pretty fun if enough people get on board. We will provide more information later on, but for now start thinking about who you'd want to work with. Preferably someone with comparable or complimentary skills and strengths.

Here's something to do in the meantime:

AFAP - (as fast as possible)
- Jumping Jacks
- Sit ups

* Note: Just to be clear about sit ups. Sit ups WILL NOT build you a visible six pack and they WILL NOT burn belly fat and more than anything else will. There is no such thing as spot-training. What they may do, if done too frequently is start developing a nice thick sheet of muscle on your abdomen. To me, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're trying to shrink your pant size, then all you're really doing is pushing a layer of fat with a building sheet of muscle under said fat layer. It's counter productive. What sit ups WILL DO is create mobility and a stable structure to squat better. That's why it is important to go all the way up, lead with the bellybutton and get the belly button in front of your pelvis. If you think about it, our sit ups are merely reverse squats. So keep your back straight and think about full range of motion.

Six packs have more to do with body comp and that's done more in the kitchen rather than the gym.

Enjoy your week back.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


NO SESSIONS 7/15 -7/25!!

Hopefully we will all make it out of this disaster alive. Hopefully everone feels well prepared for whatever evil comes at us. I'll be sharpening my swords all night tonight. Make sure your tactical can-opener and spoon never leaves your side. Remember: no one is too goo for dogfood.

All kidding aside, we really hope that everyone takes a good week off from any and all training and just enjoys themselves. There are plenty of things to do out there, even if you can't drive more than 10 feet. Get creative folks.

Here's the reasoning: Our bodies respond to overload and intensity by adapting to the increasing demand. We get stronger and faster and more efficient as we stress our bodies correctly and effectively. To help sustain this cycle, it is important to take an extended rest period every few weeks to help your hormones reset and your central nervous system (CNS) to "rewire" itself correctly. Trust me, you'll come back from a rest really strong.

For those of you aching to do something, you all know what to do. Hopefully you have a jumprope, maybe an abmat, some shoes; do your thing.

Post your comments and thoughts..

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, looks like the world is ending this week. The 405, being a major artery of our civilization will be closing between the 10 and the 100, in case you've been living under a rock lately. Personally, I'm excited to see what may precipitate. I predict zombies. Lucky for me, I've been training to deal with them.

Here's something to keep everyone busy:

RUN/bike/swim/row: 5K. As fast as possible!

5k = 3.1 miles

I don't care if you have to crawl, just move continuously for 5 kilometers. Non stop! Record your time!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun in the sun, and a little economics.

OK guys. The sun is scorching now. Many people ask me about sun screen. I don't wear any.. never have. I've never burned either so perhaps the initial assumption that I am a cyborg jedi ninja are correct. I digress.

Many people I know use this brand and swear by it:

Try it out, let us and other know..

Read this too: Confused by SPF? Take a Number

Also, hydration. I'm sure you've all realized the importance of it. Even a 1% reduction in body water spells misery, especially in training. Many swear by "alkalized" water. Meaning it has a higher pH like that of your blood. Supposedly it means more efficient hydration. If money isn't an issue, perhaps some of you athletes can try it and let us know. Personally I like "aquahydrate" brand. Thanks in advance.

Econ 1001:
First and foremost, UCLA really is on the cutting edge and forefront of taking steps to make this place a better work place and a better educational facility. The fact that UCLA is willing to provide us with a program of such scale is testament to the commitment to the general betterment of the staff and faculty. With that said, it is important to recognize that we still have a situation with limited resources and so the rules of scarcity apply.

Originally, the funding was supposed to sustain the first 12 weeks (on ramp) only. But knowing what we know combined with the obvious demand to continue the training, we kept it going and thus spawned the "ongoing" program. As you are surely aware, the ongoing program is not sponsored or subsidized in any substantial way, yet is really where the fruit lie. We has spent countless hours and meeting negotiating a fair pricing plan which benefits all parties involved. We realize that putting dollar figures on things inherently presents push-and-pull factors that precipitate much debate. But please be aware that we are working very hard to make things fair; so that we may continue to provide you all with the best product possible regardless of the resources available to us. Most importantly, we are all very grateful to all of you for believing in the work, and in yourselves in spite of various circumstances that may stand in your way.

Keep up the good work and stay tuned for more detailed information as it will be posted soon.

Here's some fun stuff to do this week.. (some already, inadvertently did this):

100 burpees FOR TIME. For TIME. FOR time. FoR TiMe. fOr tImE.


P.S. On last thing. Make sure you're taking YOUR OWN fitness int YOUR OWN hands. If you feel like some aspect of your fitness is lacking or needs to be addressed, go ahead and address it. So if your pushups still suffer, perhaps some supplementary work to get you pushups up to par may be necessary. If some other, personal benchmark isn't where you wanted it to be, you must address it directly. Don't blame anyone for it, just act accordngly.


Friday, July 1, 2011

BHIP Ongoing Renewals for Summer/Fall 2011

It's time to sign up to keep going to BHIP Ongoing!

And this quarter we've added more class times for you to choose!

Class Days/Times:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
6:15am, 7:15am, 11am, 12n, 5:15pm, 6:15pm
Drake Track Stadium
7/25-12/16 (no classes 7/15-7/22, 11/11, 11/25)
Winter session will start on 01/09/2012.

To enroll visit the Sales and Cashiering Office or the Membership and Information Desk
inside the John Wooden Center. Signups begin July 11!

See below for details.

Non Rec Members:

$40 per month with enrollment in payroll deduction.


$200/quarter paid in full up front.

Rec Members:

$30 per month with enrollment in payroll deduction.


$150/quarter paid in full up front.

Payments don't start until 10/1!

30 day notice to cancel.

Not a Rec Member - Yet?

Click here to have use of lockers, showers, Yoga, Instructional Classes
and all that is UCLA Recreation!