Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being useful can suck

No sessions this Thursday 3/28 or Friday 3/29. Enjoy the time off.

My buddy asked me to help him move because I'm a lot stronger than the rest of his friends. I should be honored and flattered by this gesture, but in fact I'm bitter. What a waste of a perfectly good Sunday!

So the lesson here is that as you get really strong and make the "rigors" of civilized life a joke, don't tell anyone. Even if lifting a TV set is easy, make it look tough and let out a few grunts periodically.

Don't go showing off either. I grabbed like 8 of his "heavier" bags, as described by him, at once and walked them to the van a few stair flights below. What a mistake. This only raised the bar on what he believed I could do. Before I knew it, I was carrying all of the heavier stuff while everyone watched. It was easy, yet all I wanted to do was sit around and stare at paint dry or watch grass grow today. I lift heavy stuff for no reason all week. I ask for one day to just veg out. What do I get? How about a day to demonstrate the product of my efforts.

Lucky me, by the end, everyone expressed that they'll be calling me for help. Yeah.. Fat chance.. I learned my lesson.

Being strong means you're much more valuable to the human race. The problem is that you don't get a choice. This is an inherent aspect of being awesome. It's expected of you. So keep it under wraps and don't go flexing at the beach just yet. There's a lot to be said for modesty an humility, especially when it saves you from helping friends move on a Sunday.

But if by chance, your brawn is called upon, you better deliver. Not to impress anyone, but rather to validate all of those seemingly pointless efforts lifting and moving things.

That's all for this week I think.