Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strong enough?

If you don't know what Crossfit is, don't worry about it. It's the sport of exercise. My personal stance is that exercise is NOT a sport. Football and swimming and softball and pole vault ARE sports. But, with that said, some of the individuals "competing" in the Crossfit Games are quite impressive.

Crossfit is all about conditioning. Period. That's how you win at crossfit. Just don't ever get tired and you stand a pretty good chance.. But check this out:

Do you think a sturdy strength foundation helps these numbers and drives a higher level of conditioning? Do you think a cleaning over 300 lbs is even romotely possible without a front squat that is far advanced of that? How about a 250 lbs snatch? Is it possible without a much stronger OH Squat?

Don't forget, Crossfit is conditioning.. Not a strength training program. Is strength a factor?

Don't forget about this either: These rules are NOT optional. Ever.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I wish I could coin the Pfizer Diet


I contend that the Medical/health care industry is a network of various for-profit businesses that treat and provide care to individuals who need it. The fiduciary responsibility is to make profits though. So unless prescribing a healthful diet makes more money for the industry than aspirin and stents, we probably won't be hearing about it too often from our providers, minus the handful of doctors and physicians who actually do.

It's nice to see a doc that is pretty high up on the medical food chain questioning the legitimacy and the transparency of the research and data currently utilized in the field of coronary health.


Check out his site: http://www.thennt.com/

Friday, June 1, 2012

The ball's in your court, folks

OK people. After 2 years, I'm starting to run dry of ideas on how to reword the same exact message over and over again every week. The information that I present is a one-way feeding tube of my rants and jargon and realistically, it is not a productive way to stimulate discussion and ultimately the community that we are trying to create and preserve here on campus. Discussions have to come from both ends, visa vi. So we have a FORUM tab above now where you all can post things and discuss them and debate them and get involved to any degreee you like. Hopefully we have some good discussions. If not, you all can just wage anonymous war against each other.. That's always fun.

I'll keep writing things as they come to mind but I'd like to see more from you guys.

For now, check out Ricky Bruch. He died a year ago and I never got a chance to introduce him to you all. He is a Swedish discus thrower. Big deal, right? Well, the guy was one of the most charismatic athletes of his day. He was legit. His training and work ethic was unmatched. In the meantime, he was an actor and appeared in variuos TV shows and movies. I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching his training and throwing highlights, especially before heavy lifting sessions. It really helps to have humor when other people find your efforts meaningless, and that's what Ricky Bruch focussed on. He took his training seriously as a competitor but stayed on the lighter side of things.

Enjoy this video: